Testimonial to Vi Style Carpentry – Jasmond Heng

Perfect carpentry “engineering”

(a)My existing bathroom has been an eyesore for the longest time ever since our 2 young boys stopped using the bathtub! My wife and I we were never a fan of bathtub hence it was a “white elephant” for the last 5 years other than to put our laundry basket L.

Contacted Jasmond to get some ideals suiting our lifestyle since my wife and I are leaving house around the same time every morning thus fighting over usage of bathroom is like a weekday affair. Gotten some immediate hand sketch perspectives and after another round of discussion, decided on the design, quotation was reasonable since I have some experience due to my work.

b4 and after. A lot of mirrors, storage space and no more fight over basin in the morning!

(b) Another, Perfect carpentry “engineering”.

Contacted Jasmond after shifting in. Another eyesore since inside the house is now nicely done, this retrofitted shoe rack is not fitting at all!

Yet another surprise, handless cabinet doors… Ok no big deal! The alignment of my main-door handle double-up as a lock seamlessly again the shoe cabinet…wow

(c) See the handle aligned with the cabinet door when closed.

*Please refer to the attached picture*

Mr Kenneth